Explainer Videos

they do more than words

I firmly believe that anyone selling anything on the internet (services or products) should invest in an explainer video. People are becoming increasing resiliant to reading - we have too much thrown at us each day - and videos are taking over.

Somewhat like watching TV they present us with their message in a way we can understand.

On Tubular there is an interesting article that looks at this subject poiting out that a video ad (explainer video) will achieve a click through rate of between 4% and 7%, where as a banner ad is considered doing well if it has a click through of 0.1%.

As the article states:

"But CTR, would only be one way to look at this.  When comparing click interactions, it is important to realize that with video banner ads, one can actually measure the length of interaction as well, or the duration of video watched.  And, just as we have seen with in-stream video advertisements, users tend to watch more than 2/3rd of the video on average.   So, not only are users interacting more often with video advertisements, but they are captivated by the advertising message for a measurable duration."

So here is an explainer video about explainer videos (!) which I made for TDB Computing.


This video was places on YouTube (and websites and Facebook) and to overcome the fact that Google is stopping autoplay we use a service that places the button you see rather than YouTube's simple button. This also records statistical information and here is a screenshot of interest about this video (which was posted on YouTube on 13th July 2020).

As can be seen it has 23,601 views with 291 clicks. On YouTube the direct clicks have only been 15, but this has been boosted by social media placement.

Jim Elliott


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