A Quick Explanation

programming to video?

I have been programming for many years, through basic to C, C++ to Java, Java to Laravel (which is currently my preferred system).

After a bit it all become a routine matter as whatever you do, the backend is CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete) and system such a Laravel allow a programmer to do this very quickly. Gone are the days of laborious coding.

I have always been somewhat artistic and a few years ago I started looking at internet marketing, mainly to market my own stuff.

I quickly became aware that the days of SEO and analysing endless graphs have gone and social media, video, influencers and the like are the way forward.

Here are some interesting facts:

I looked at the cost of having videos made and thought "I can save a fortune by doing this myself", so I have.

I have broken this area of my website into small examples with a brief explanation, but ask and I will answer.

Jim Elliott


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